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【Announcement】Supporting Policies for Students and Faculty Members to Take Leaves of Absence or Distance Education or Online Exam Due to COVID Prevention

Release Date 23 April 2022

With the fast spread of COVID in our lives and even on campus, we need to learn how to live with it. We want to appreciate all of you who are so supportive and engaged in all necessary prevention actions: notify the campus or health authorities if you are contacts of COVID patients or have COVID symptoms.


Meanwhile, we are working on a set of new changes to related policies and regulations to keep our students and faculty members learning and teaching as usual.


For faculty and students who have been regarded as contacts of COVID patients, here is the specific information about distance learning practices, online exams, and epidemic prevention leave procedures.


Quick Link: Distance Education and Online Exam for Students and Faculty, Student Leave and Retake Exam PoliciesContact Information

Distance Education and Online Exam for Students and Faculty who have been regarded as contacts of COVID patients

The following are the instructions for any faculty members and students who have been regarded as a confirmed, home isolation, or self-health management case and cannot attend in-person exams or classes:


1. Students who have been regarded as contacts of COVID patients and have get ordered to home isolate: Courses will remain as usual. 


   (1) Online classroom or alternative methods are accepted: It is at the instructor’s discretion to move the entire class online or other alternative methods, such as opening a small class for these students another time. If instructors choose to lecture online, instructors shall fill out the Course Distance Education Request Form at the bottom.


   (2) Online Exam or alternative assessment methods are accepted: It is at the instructor’s discretion to give an online exam or other alternative assessment methods. If instructors decide to let students take the test another time, it is also acceptable.


2. Instructors who have been regarded as contacts of COVID patients and have get ordered to home isolate: The entire courses will be moved online.


3. Students or instructors who are contacts of COVID patients will continue distance education UNTIL the day they are out of home isolation ordered by health authorities.


Student Leave and Retake Exam Policies

The following are the policies for students who apply for epidemic prevention leaves or make-up exams due to epidemic prevention:


1. Student Leave of Absence


   (1) Students are required to apply for epidemic prevention leave in the Registration System folder on the Student Portal home page and must upload proofs of related notifications of COVID prevention in the attachment.


NOTE: The attachment (How to Apply for Sick Leave or Epidemic Prevention Leave) has a quick guide on applying leave of absence that helps you get familiar with the procedure. Proofs could be a snapshot of a call, a text message notice, or a paper COVID examination/quarantine notice from health authorities.


   (2) Students’ conduct grades shall not be deducted, and students shall be exempt from the regulation of study suspension from the University Academic Regulations.


   (3) Upon epidemic prevention leave approved by course instructors during mid-exam weeks, students are required to submit a make-up exam application to the Registration Division, OAA.


NOTE: The sick leave system will not send a notification to students once instructors approve leave applications. It is the students’ responsibility to check the status of their applications. Once the leave applications have been approved, students can move on to submit a make-up exam application.


2. Mid-Term Grades Evaluation


   (1) For students who cannot take in-person exams due to epidemic prevention, depending on the course or subject, instructors shall adjust the standards or methods to evaluate students’ knowledge in the exams.


   (2) For students who cannot personally carry out daily quizzes, presentations, mid-term exams, and final exams due to epidemic prevention, instructors shall arrange make-up exams, online tests, or other alternative strategies to test students’ knowledge of course materials. Marks of make-up exams will be considered formal exam marks.


  (3) Students who have exams for different courses that happen to be held in the same session must contact their departments, the Registration Division of OAA, or the Academic Affairs Division of AICE (if taking exams for a course of AICE) to solve the issue.


Sources of Policies

The University has all related policies to abide by the Ministry of Education’s new COVID-19 Physical Lessons Suspension Guidelines (校園因應『嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎』(COVID-19)疫情暫停實體課程實施標準) and any updated rules and regulations released by the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government.

Contact Information

For student leave of absence matters, please contact the Student Assistance Division of OSA (Chinese): ext. 31285; email: syt0379qh@nkust.edu.tw.


For exam matters, please contact the Registration Division of OAA (Chinese): ext. 31110; email: hlj@nkust.edu.tw.  


For online classroom/distance education matters, please contact the Teaching Services Division of OAA (Chinese): ext. 31150; email: sabrina@nkust.edu.tw.


For course/exam evaluation matters, please contact the Curriculum Division of OAA (Chinese): ext. 31108; email: anlin@nkust.edu.tw.


OIA (English): ext. 19032; email: qaoffice01@nkust.edu.tw.


Wrote/Translated by Jess Lin

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