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Sustainable Progress: NKUST Partners with TÜV NORD to Promote ESG in Industries

Release Date 22 Mar 2023    Mandarin

NKUST has partnered with TÜV NORD, a verification agency, to promote ESG in industries. The collaboration aims to create sustainable progress through various measures such as talent cultivation, carbon footprint certification mechanisms, and sustainable reporting results. This initiative reflects the University's commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.


Corporate Sustainability has become a critical point for corporate’s long-term development. At the end of 2022, the University won National Sustainable Development Award from the Executive Yuan for sustainable development. This year the University continues its mission to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with TÜV NORD Taiwan Co., Ltd. and ESG Sustainable Development Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Platform. 


James Kuo, Vice President of the University, Jack Yeh, General Manager of TÜV NORD Taiwan Co., Ltd., and Huang, Wei-Neng, Director of ESG Sustainable Development Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Platform, signed this cooperation agreement to assist industries in decreasing carbon emissions and supporting zero-carbon emissions based on global ESG developing goals.


The Interdisciplinary Lab for Smart Finance and Innovation, a university-level research center under the College of Management, is the main driving force to promote ESG sustainable development. 


Established in 2022, the center is committed to promoting ESG sustainable development to meet global trends, encompassing the three pillars of Environmental protection, Social responsibility, and Governance. 


The center is divided into two research groups, namely the FinTech Research Group and the Green Business Model Research Group. The latter’s business framework includes conceiving business model strategies, organizing forums and events, counseling for zero-carbon emission strategies, and conducting green training courses.


Since its establishment, the center has already conducted two phases of “TÜV ESG Internal Verification Personnel Training Courses for Companies Starting from Zero Towards ESG.”


TÜV NORD is a professional organization authorized and regulated by the German government, located in Hannover, Germany. It provides testing, verifying, consulting, and training for products, systems, and business processes across various industries. Its service network covers across America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. 


Through this collaboration with TÜV NORD verification agency and ESG Sustainable Development Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Platform, the University offers ESG talent training courses, guidance on carbon footprint certification mechanisms, and result reports for businesses achieving sustainability. 


This demonstrates the University’s continued focus on sustainable development and social responsibility, as evidenced by its receipt of a 2022 Executive Yuan award for sustainable development. Together with domestic industries, the University aims to implement various measures to achieve the long-term net-zero emissions goal.


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Translated/Edited by Jess Lin

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