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NKUST 5th Anniversary: Staying Persistent to Achieve Goals

Release Date 3 Dec 2022    Mandarin

In commemoration of the 5th Anniversary, the National University of Science and Technology held a series of 5th-anniversary celebration events starting from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec 3.


These celebration events attracted students, faculty members, staff, and alumni to have fun together. And the University invited a number of distinguished guests and Sister Universities’ representatives to enjoy the festive atmosphere on First Campus.


The opening ceremony for Sports Day officially kicked off the University’s 5th Anniversary. Later, the Anniversary Celebration Ceremony raised the theme “Staying Persistent to Achieve Goals.”


The University hosted alumni reunion parties at noon to offer alumni a chance to catch up and reminisce about their unique NKUST experiences at First, Nanzih, and Jiangong Campuses, respectively. On Saturday night, all visitors gathered at the Auditorium to watch the Student Singer Competition Final with music and lively songs.


There were a couple of welcoming activities hosted ahead of time, such as International Month. The rest events were hosted on the same day as the anniversary ceremony, including Maritime Research Poster Presentation Fair, NKUST Youth Artist Awards Ceremony, School Fair, and NKUST Family Day.


Weeks of anniversary welcoming activities began with the International Month on Nov 12, Wind Orchestra Concert at Jiangong Campus on Nov 25, and Anniversary Music Concert on Dec 2.


On Dec 3, the Anniversary Celebration Ceremony began with choir performances. During the show, President Yang, Ching-Yu, who was also a member of the NKUST Faculty and Staff Choir, even joined the choir to sing for the spectators.


The celebration ceremony was enlivened by student musicals. There were 5 different musical shows performed by students, who showed their robust energy, and the shows reflected this year’s theme, “Staying Persistent to Achieve Goals.”


In order to share the fun and joy with friends of the University who could not attend in person, the University has put celebration activities on live stream so that the audience could watch the ceremony on the Youtube channel.


Besides, there was a Maritime Research Poster Presentation Fair on the library’s first floor for visitors to glance at our research achievements in the maritime field. And the University hosted the 4th NKUST Youth Artist Awards Ceremony on the library’s second floor, exhibiting and recognizing young artists’ creative power.


The school fair was set on one side of the big lawn in front of the administration building, and food vendors peddled delicious snack foods on the brick walkways.


The University also hosted alumni parties on three campuses, inviting outstanding practitioners, researchers, scientists, policy-makers, educators, and thought leaders to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their loved schools.


A highlight of these events was the Student Singer Competition Final which gave a fantastic music night for all spectators. The event’s spotlight was that the organizer invited famous hosts and several singers as advisors to provide professional advice to student singers after the competition. The singer competition was met with cheers of excitement from the crowd, marking a perfect ending for the day’s celebration.



Translated/Edited by Jess Lin

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