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Student-Athletes Shine in the 2021 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

Release Date 1 November 2021     Mandarin

The 2021 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG) has unveiled the results of many sports events these days. Many events were rescheduled to the second half of the year due to COVID-19.


Our student-athletes have won 11 medals - three gold, two silver, and six bronze - at the NIAG in the NKUST’s best-ever NIAG showing.


NKUST arranged a special celebratory banquet on Oct 26. President Yang, Ching-Yu expressed his gratefulness to our homecoming athletes, coaches, and supporting staff at the banquet. Without their hard work and long-term dedication, the school would not receive such great results.


NKUST won three gold, two silver, and six bronze medals in 2021. The complete list of awards is listed as follows:


Table Tennis: Men’s Single - Gold; Men’s Double - Silver; Men’s Team - Fifth Place

Badminton: Men’s Doubles – Gold

Judo: Men -100 Kg Gold; Women -52 Kg Silver; Men -66 Kg - Bronze; Men -60 Kg - Fifth Place; Men -73 Kg - Seventh Place

Karate: Women’s Kata - Bronze; Women -55 Kg - Bronze; Men’s Kata - Seventh Place

Taekwondo: Women's Team Poomsae - Bronze; Women’s -53Kg - Bronze; Women’s -46Kg - Fifth Place; Women’s -74Kg - Seventh Place; Men’s -74Kg - Seventh Place; Men’s -80Kg - Seventh Place

Athletics: Men's Decathlon - Bronze; Men's 7.26Kg Hammer Throw - Fifth Place; Men's 10,000m Race Walk - Sixth Place

Swimming: Men’s 200m Breaststroke - Fifth Place; Men’s 50m Breaststroke - Fifth Place; Men’s 100m Breaststroke - Sixth Place; Men’s 200m Individual Medley - Seventh Place

Tennis: Men’s Double - Eighth Place; Mixed Double - Fourth Place; Women’s Single - Fourth Place

Soft Tennis: Men’s Double - Fourth Place

Basketball: Women - Fifth Place; Men - Seventh Place

Men’s Volleyball: Seventh Place

Women’s Volleyball: Athlete Group - Eighth Place; General Group - Eighth Place

Futsal: Sixth Place


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Translated/Edited by Jess Lin

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