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KYICVS Big Winner of 16th National High School Solar Car Model Competition

Release Date 1 November 2021     Mandarin

The final round of the 16th National High School Solar Car Model Competition was held by NKUST on Oct 31 at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. In the final, twenty-four winners from the northern regional contest competed with nine winners from the southern. The defending champion KYICVS won the first prize in the final.  


The COVID outbreak this May forced the competitions to be postponed from the summer vacation to October. Students have less willingness to attend contests during the busy school semester. The number of competing teams, thus, decreased this year.


Professor Ay, Herchang of Mold and Die Engineering Department expressed his gratefulness for the full backing of many high school teachers and coaches around the nation, making the event happen.


The top three teams in 2020 were from KYICVS, ESSH, and NKUST. They would have attended the international competition in Australia, but the contest was canceled because of the pandemic.


Since winner teams of this year would get the tickets to attend the 2022 international contest, competing teams tried their best to jostle for the top prizes.


There were nine teams of the southern regional competition entered the final. ESSH was a tough opponent to other contestants as they had won the overall champion in 2019 and bagged awards in the previous race.


In the final round, two teams from KYICVS bag the top two awards; GTC The Revengers won the first and GTC the second. Engine from ESSH won the third. Three teams will represent Taiwan in the international competition in Australia.


As winter was coming, the level of sunlight exposure in Taipei fell gradually. The decrease in sunlight increased the difficulty of solar car racing. It tested contestants’ wisdom to find the best approach to adjust gears on their solar cars carefully making the best use of the dime sunlight.


The atmosphere was tense when it came into the quarterfinal. Many solar cars derailed, or stuck on the rail, or failed to climb the slope. Glitches took place everywhere.


The competition organizer invited more than 40 children from Taiwan Harmony Home Association Taipei Branch to enjoy the sight of the race. The organization provided solar cars for them to give a try. All kids dressed in Halloween customs playing small solar cars before the semi-final round drew attention from audiences and brought a light vibe into the game.


List of champions:

First Prize: GTC The Revengers of KYICVS
Second Prize: GTC of KYICVS
Third Prize: Engine of ESSH
Other awards: ESSH, PTIVS, WGHS, CHJHS, and NKUST.


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Translated/Edited by Jess Lin

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