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DK SHOP Offers Safe and Delicious Gourmet at Your Choice

Release Date 24 September 2021     Mandarin

The electronics, machines, and many other high technology industries contribute most to Taiwan’s GDP growth. For all that, agriculture and aquaculture in Taiwan are leading industries that win international acclaim for their sophisticated techniques. NKUST aims at cultivating young professionals in aquaculture.    


Under our Hydrosphere Science College, Fisheries Production and Management Department (FPM), Seafood Science Department (DSFS), and Aquaculture Department put efforts to combine their know-how with cooking, creating new dishes for everyone.


After partial reopening, we were gradually going back to our normal eating habits. Still, many were cautious about dining out and remained cooking at home, or depending on takeout or food delivery services.


Takeout or frozen foods turned into a new business opportunity for the food industry. NKUST DK SHOP unveiled its own line of products, which were developed or nurtured by our faculty and students.


DK SHOP launched a series of frozen foods, using safe ingredients to welcome our community and the public to enjoy healthy and delicious meals from NKUST.


The newly launched a frozen product “Good White Shrimp” was nurtured by Professor Hong, Ming-Chang of the Aquaculture Department.


As local pork prices rose during the Moon Festival, the “Good White Shrimp” product became an excellent choice for families to whip up a feast with their grills.


Professor Hong stated that the “Good White Shrimp” was a product of a circular economy. To create a disease-free environment for the shrimp, DSFS introduced probiotics, which were cultivated by DSFS Lab from soybean pulp, to shrimp farmers. Probiotics could reduce antibiotics and stabilize water quality.


Also, shrimp farmers could minimize the times to change the water and raise high-quality white shrimp. This optimized method also passed many SGS tests and has been introduced to two shrimp farms in Rende District (仁德區), Tainan City and Linbian Township (林邊鄉), Pingtung County.


Later, these two shrimp farms became suppliers for frozen white shrimp products of DK SHOP. Moreover, the shrimp farmer in the Rende District won the U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Ministry of Education.


Due to the COVID outbreak this May, DSFS students completed their summer internships at campus factories or workshops rather than in enterprises. With their assistance, DK SHOP finished its last step to move its new product, “Chinese Herbal Silkie Chicken Soup,” to mass production.


DSFS invested a great fortune in purchasing a high-price retort sterilizer for students to engage in the food production process, giving them unprecedented learning opportunities throughout this summer internship.



DSFS lab has researched and developed many new products, but most of them are stored in our lab fridge. Not all of them will be able to make it on the shelf of DK SHOP.


“DSFS lab has researched and developed many new products, but most of them are stored in our lab fridge. Not all of them will be able to make it on the shelf of DK SHOP,” says DSFS Chair Tsai, Mei-Ling.


The ingredients of “Chinese Herbal Silkie Chicken Soup” are quite simple. DSFS students put Chinese herbals, Silkie chicken, salt, water, and DSFS lab specially developed fish collagen peptide into the soup and cooked for hours.  


Simple and healthy ingredients make the Silkie chicken soup with sweet and luxury flavor.  



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Translated by Jess Lin

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