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Yieh United Steel Corp Becomes a NKUST Corporate Partner

Release Date 25 March 2021

Amid changing times and intensifying global market competition, corporations are seeking solutions to recruit the best graduate talent in order to succeed in the post-pandemic era. Forging partnerships with universities enables corporations to access an enormous pool of novel professionals and train existing employees.


NKUST President Yang, Ching-Yu signed a cooperation agreement with Yieh United Steel Corp. (YUSCO) General Manager Su, Yu-Kun (蘇裕崑) on March 24. The industry and university collaboration helps the company foster their existing and prospective employees.

“NKUST is well-known for cultivating researching and engineering talents for industries, and it has an enormous alumni network domestically and internationally.”

“NKUST is well-known for cultivating researching and engineering talents for industries, and it has an enormous alumni network domestically and internationally,” says NKUST President Yang. As many enterprises realize that the cost putting into nurturing talents is growing, they are increasingly partnering with universities that help foster student talents.


Through cooperation, the company gets a head start on hiring for hard-to-fill highly-skilled roles. In fact, NKUST offers a wide range of programs specifically designed for industries based in Taiwan or Southeast Asian countries. Whether it is connecting the businesses to the talent pool or the government's New Southbound Policy, there are creative and custom strategies that NKUST can offer. Our goal is to quickly connect the businesses’ needs with the resources at NKUST.


Seeing the development of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) going to change the generation, YUSCO has been investing in relevant research studies and developments of new raw materials and stainless-steel products.

“We are ambitious to recruit high-skilled talent to help us develop new stainless-steel materials.”

“We see an increase in demand for lighter, greener, and sustainable materials in the market. The needs in the market change and so do our recruitment requirements. We are ambitious to recruit high-skilled talents to help us develop new stainless-steel materials.” says General Manager Su of YUSCO. YUSCO has developed new painted stainless-steel plates, YU444 and YU445. The use of two plates for the solar panel and building material industries has been growing significantly. The collaboration with NKUST could provide YUSCO a flow of newly minted professionals and talents and add value to its business.


There are more than 200 NKUST alumni working in YUSCO. Each year, YUSCO offers internships for students and advanced learning opportunities for its employees. YUSCO values its employees and has been a long-term plan to invest resources to improve the quality of its existing and prospective workforce. This strong partnership would integrate academic and business recourses to create customized training for the business and the students. It could open up a new avenue for students to connect to the future workplace.

Translated by Jess Lin     Reviewed by Prof. Amy Tang

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