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Evergreen Marine Enters Partnership with NKUST Maritime College

Release Date 19 March 2021

Graduation season is coming. HR teams everywhere are scrambling for attracting new graduates to fill in their talent roles. To prevent the talent pipeline from drying up, Evergreen Marine Corp. (EMC) has become a partner of the Maritime College to build the Post Baccalaureate Marine Engineering Program that recruits non-maritime-major college graduates who are eager to expand their future career path in the maritime field.


NKUST Vice President Yu, Ker-Wei signed a cooperation agreement with EMC Chairman Chang, Yen-I yesterday. This partnership is an important tactic for both parties to grow the enrollment of qualified students and to access a well-trained workforce. This Post Baccalaureate Marine Engineering Program is a tailored program fully funded by EMC and its implementation is entrusted to the NKUST’s Maritime College.


As the maritime industry is rapidly growing, the demand for talent souring. Foreseeing the future need for in-demand maritime talents, Evergreen develops a full training schedule that integrates into the program and considers all aspects, including employee future career development, in the hope to ensure that the maritime industry in Taiwan has a well-trained workforce in the future.


Post Baccalaureate Marine Engineering Program


Cross-disciplinary skills become a prerequisite for the youth to compete on the job market. Under this backdrop, many young talents choose to develop their interdisciplinary abilities or change their professions after graduation.


“This program is a perfect choice for the youth to switch to the maritime industry, considering there are only a few universities that offer maritime engineering programs in the domestic.”

“This program is a perfect choice for the youth to switch to the maritime industry, considering there are only a few universities that offer maritime engineering programs in the domestic,” says Vice President Yu, Ker-Wei. In the age of technology rapidly transformed the industry, maritime companies set higher requirements for workers. Recruits must not only equip with professional skills but also develop high-level English proficiency to understand the international maritime conventions and deepen their skill-related knowledge. They may have to take difficult technical training courses or get related certificates. Certainly, their hard work would be rewarded with high income.


The Ministry of Education and NKUST have been investing money and efforts in developing Taiwan’s talent base and upgrading maritime training facilities. NKUST’s Vice President Yu is confident that this one-and-a-half-year program would bring new college grads up to speed and know their way around the maritime workplace.


After the merger, NKUST has invested more in upgrading and providing students diverse English learning resources. “Within three years, we’ve seen students from the Maritime College and other engineering colleges achieve high scores in TOEIC tests. Their excellent academic performance encourages the school to initiate a university-corporate partnership with Evergreen Maritime Corp.,” says Vice President Yu.


There are a number of internationally well-known corporations in Taiwan that attract college grads to apply for. To compete with these companies, EMC offers each college grad who enrolls in the program a full scholarship and guarantees them a 5-year position in the company. It is expected that the program would introduce young technical experts to the company.


The Post Baccalaureate Marine Engineering Program is open to college grads to apply from the end of this April.


The Post Baccalaureate Marine Engineering Program

Eligibility Eligibility
College graduates
Type Type
Corporate Partnership
Location Location
Cijin Campus
Language Language
Mandarine Chinese
Pace Pace
Duration Duration
1.5 years
Application Opens Application Opens
April 21
Application Closes Application Closes
May 10  
Program Begins Program Begins
Fall 2021
Tuition Fees Tuition Fees
Free (Sponsored by EMC)
Program details and online application instructions will be released here soon.

Translated by Jess Lin     Reviewed by Prof. Amy Tang

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