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2021 Kaohsiung Youth Leadership Camp Is Here!

Release Date 08 February 2021

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) in collaboration with the Kaohsiung Education Bureau held an English Camp for the 2021 Youth Leadership Program. During the program, students will be able to explore Kaohsiung City, delve deep into local history and culture, research sustainable topics, and improve their English speaking skills. Attended students have received a three-day training in NKUST on the initial stage in Jan 2021. After an upcoming three-month training, the trainees of the program will give English presentations at a city council meeting in early June.


The 2021 Kaohsiung Youth Leadership Camp is an international talent training program funded by the Kaohsiung Education Bureau and hosted by the Department of English and Talent Search Project Office of NKUST to align with the government’s “Fostering Bilingual Talents in Vocational Institutions Project.” The camp has completed the selection of elite students by December 2020.


In 2021, there were 31 vocational high school students from KSVS, KSVCS, SMVHS, HCVS, CCVS, NTHS, NKHHS, and SHUTE joining the 3-day training with the assistance of 16 college students from different departments of NKUST. This camp aimed to increase awareness of the development of Kaohsiung City and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among vocational students.

We hope students learn to use English as a tool to express themselves and to present their in-depth research which are very critical abilities they need to develop.

“This camp encourages vocational students to do a field trip to explore this city, its environment, and its developmental history. At their final presentations, the trainees must explain the problems they encounter and the solutions they suggest from a sustainable development perspective in English,” says Dr. Emily Chen, Chair of the English Department. She emphasized that: “Students are guided to think critically, express their viewpoints, and bring up their action plans throughout the program. We hope students learn to use English as a tool to express themselves and to present their in-depth research which are very critical abilities they need to develop.”


2021 Kaohsiung Youth Leadership Camp

At the Camp, while attending activities during the day, the trainees were challenged through a heavy load of reading, presentation practicing, and intensive training to cultivate their presentation skills and boost confidence. At the end of the program, all lecturers were proud to see the trainees deliver their English presentations successfully in mock city council meetings.


Next, the students will be required to attend a series of specific training classes from this March to May. These classes will focus on the topics raised by the students, and lecturers will guide the students to come up with feasible action plans. The whole package will be submitted to related government authorities.


Then, the students will present their English presentations at the city council meeting in early June. The topics the students concerned about include “reducing the flow of people away from the city,” “strengthening the connection of the city’s public translation systems,” “developing the businesses around the midsection of the Love River,” and “relocating educational resources and lunch budgets for the primary and secondary educational program.”


Translated by Jess Lin      Reviewed by Prof. Amy Tang

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