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【USR】Air Quality and Health Workshop Launched in NKUST to Boost Public Awareness

Release Date 29 June 2021     Mandarin

Nothing is more vital than breathing to life. That’s why the public interest in air pollution and airborne disease issues increases.    


Since the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through droplets, public attention has been increasingly drawn to germs and viruses that are spread through the air. What could we do to protect ourselves and prevent spreading an airborne disease?


NKUST Energy Research Center (ERC) and Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering Department (SHE) launched the Air Quality and Health Workshop under their USR project, e-Watcher.


The workshop aimed to provide information on new green technologies, air quality protection, and pandemic prevention to the public. The attendees included ASE Environmental Sustainability Foundation, National Science and Technology Museum, and Taiwan Indoor Environment Quality Management Association. The Alumni Association of the SHE also invited local educators and practitioners from the hotel industry to participate in the activity. 


In the morning sessions of the workshop, the instructor presented how poor air quality affected health and ways to reduce personal health risks.


Next, participants learned to use air quality monitors to explore the relationship between indoor carbon dioxide and dense populations in confined spaces.


These interactive activities helped participants know what fine particulates (PM2.5) are and how they get into the air.


In the afternoon sessions, the instructor explained indoor air quality (IAQ) certification firstly and introduced new clean technologies that could mitigate coronavirus spread and reduce air pollution levels.


These technical devices with IAQ certified brought fresh air back to people’s live again.


Although we don’t know how long COVID-19 would enter the final stretch, we have been doing our best to protect our environment, planet, and ourselves.


Participants of the Air Quality and Health Workshop would also be future teachers to disseminate information on air quality protection and disease prevention at home and the workplace.


The spread of knowledge would certainly have a big impact on the world.


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Translated by Jess Lin     Reviewed by Prof. Amy Tang

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